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Project 0704 The Shriven
The Shriven

Pandora Machine announces The Shriven. Production began in March of 2008. Penned by Brian Schiavo, The Shriven is a futuristic erotic thriller about a man who is finding he's really... a monster.

The picture is being directed by Andrew Bellware and co-directed by Brian Schiavo. Laura Schlactmeyer is co-writer.

  "The Shriven" is about a man named Ben, who has always been troubled by violent nightmares about himself attacking others. Now the dreams are getting worse and he doesn't know why—-until he meets Nina, a beautiful woman with a secret-—in the dark of night she can transform into a beautiful-yet-terrible creature known as a Shriven. Ben, she reveals, is also a Shriven and they are destined to be together.      

Sides for the role of Elise

Sides for the role of Nina

The whole script resides here..

The production calendar (a work in progress).