Pandora Machine Presents

0802 The Uprising

Space marines land on a prison planet to put down a prisoner uprising, only to find trouble which is much much worse. Now the marines have to join forces with the prisoners just to make it off the planet alive.

Written by Joshua James, produced by Laura Schlachtmeyer, casting by Lanie Zipoy, directed by Andrew Bellware.

The script is here in .pdf format.

Non-SAG shoot, no-upfront-pay, feature film with a 12-day principal photography schedule in September 2008. Shooting in and around New York City area. Food and copy of DVD provided. Transportation provided to locations outside of subway range.Number of days on schedule is an estimate.

1.  Lieutenant Louise Dunn (F), LEAD, 29, officer-in-charge of the operation, brave, she's the only one who can get F.R.E.D. to do what they need. 10 day role. 

2.  “Brain” (M), prisoner and former scientist jailed for political dissent, the expert on the monster's history and behavior. He's the leader all the prisoners have turned to. 8 day role. 

3.  Sergeant Franny Lee (F), LEAD, athletic, natural leader, her lieutenant's lover. She barks orders and her platoon jumps. 11 day role. 

4.  Rob Sherman (M), a bookish civilian working for the company, joins the operation because of his knowledge of the anti-matter reactor. But he's got a secret and knows more about the operation than it appears, and might be a tougher soldier than any of 'em. 7 day role.

5.  Private Betty Ryan (F), communications expert. She bonds with Warchild as they try to save the rest of the prisoners and marines. 9 day role.  

6.  Private Jim Jacks (M), smart-talking and alert, pain in the ass but a good soldier. Thinks he's smarter than everyone else in his platoon. Probably is. 9 day role.

7.  Computer Fred (F) CAST -- Catie Riggs 

8.  Warchild (M), a big rangy dude, born on a dark and violent planet, bred in the worst penitentiaries in the System. A survivor. Has a strict code of ethics he lives by. You better pray he's out there. 9 day role.

9.  Private Barry Theo (M), young and always given the crappiest assignments when he wants to be shootin' stuff. 7 day role.

10. Corporal Martins (M), has a personality problem with Jacks. 6 day role.

13. Private Dorothy Gomi (F), hero-worships Dunn and is a bit jealous of Lee. 6 day role.

14. Private Joe Bally (M), first to die at the hands of the rebel prisoners. 4 day role.

15. Private George Rollins (M), first to be killed by the monster. 5 day role.

16. Ken Linus (M), one of the prisoner medics. 7 day role.

17. Randle Linus (M), brother of Ken. 7 day role

18. Private Cindy Frost (F), vulnerable to disease from the hypersleep transition, then saves the day. 4 day role.

19. Yayo (M), a tattooed prisoner. Speaks an incomprehensible language. 2 day role.

20. Andre Morgan/the Creature (M), a convict turned monster by company experiments. No scripted lines. 6 day role.

21. Hubert (M), a mildly retarded convict, once a leading scientist -- before the experiments that were performed on him. 7 day role.

13 M

6 F (counting Fred)

Producer's note: approximately 120 actor days.