Drew's Notes on Editing

So these are Drew's notions on edits. No, they aren't absolutes, even if the word "always" is used. But they're good things to keep in mind.
They're also good to keep in mind while shooting.

Cut to the pronoun

Whenever someone says "that" you almost have to cut to whatever they're talking about. Same with "he", "she", "it", "those things", etc.

What about him?

Who is "him"? The corpse on the floor? The Chief in the next room? Show us! We need to see what the cop is talking about. Need. Not "want". Need.

Give it some breath

I find that we tend to make our first cuts too tight. I know, back out there in the real world they talk about first cuts which go long. I don't know what that's like. We tend to cut stuff such that we need to put a bit more "air" between moments. This becomes especially noticable once music is added.