Food and Craft Services

  • I like to have a fire extinguisher on or near set.
  • Buy the small bottles of water (1 pint) because nobody will drink one of the larger bottles of water at one time and they'll just end up setting it down and nobody will know whose it is and it'll get thrown away half-drunk. Just buy twice as many small bottles and we'll actually have less trash/recycling at the end of the day.
  • Try to get a consensus on what sort of food people who are on set every day want to eat and drink. If someone likes Diet Coke, make sure there's Diet Coke available.
  • I like canned fruit (especially pineapple, no added sugar and no Splenda or any other sweeteners).
  • Even better is those little fruit cups. They're small and come in an appropriate size. Who is going to sit and eat an entire can of pineapple at one sitting anyway? I mean other than Drew?
  • Oh, and the most important thing to have on set is those liter bottles of seltzer. Drew goes through at least two of those a day.