Notes are the best thing in the world. You want notes. You want to give notes. You want to get notes. Notes are like having sex with all your best friends. Uh. Let me start again.


Notes make your life easier. We typically upload videos to Vimeo(external link) using password protection at a resolution of 640x360 (as h264 encoded Quicktimes if you must know) and ask folks for notes. The people giving notes are usually the editing team and the producer(s).


The notes are best given in the form of a punchlist. That is, in a form like this:

1:23 — music too loud

Here's an example of a punchlist. The original notes came from David Frey(external link). He was looking at the act of the picture Earthkiller. My notes on his notes are highlighted.
Sometimes I put too much complaining in my notes on other people's notes. That's because I don't have enough forums to complain in. Apparently.
Sometimes I'm just like to explain why I couldn't do something or why I decided on yet a third thing to do (instead of the thing I originally did or the thing you said to do.)
That's the way collaboration works! Isn't it?

Punchlist Example


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