Promotion and Publicity

Here in the Pandora Machine we have what we might think of as the opposite of an non-disclosure agreement. We insist that you publish information to your Facebook page, your blog, your Twitter account, and what-have-you.
Well, we can't insist. We can only encourage.
Obviously, if you've read the Pandora Machine official blog(external link), or Drew's "unofficial" blog(external link), you'll see that Drew is patently annoyed at the hiding of information.

Here's a list of things you can do (culled and mangled from information which a distributor sent us once).
Rate the picture on IMDB.com(external link). Obviously, you have to wait 'till the movie has a credit on IMDB, but once it's up you, your friends, and your family should rate away! Oh, and try to not rate the movie as "sucks".
Rate the picture at Amazon(external link) and Yahoo(external link).
Tweet and Twitter(external link). Say things like "OM God this is the best movies evah!" In other words, lie.
Get yer butt on the Facebooks(external link). Go to the Pandora Machine fan page(external link).
Try to queue the movie on Netflix(external link). That is, if Netflix actually puts the movie on their website so that you can queue it.

Solar Vengeance

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