The Prometheus and the Venom

Dolf Veenvliet(external link) built these two models, the Prometheus and the Venom, for our movie 1201 — The Prometheus Trap. The files are in Creative Commons. Here's information on how to use the models in Blender 3D, the program the models were built in.

Compositing nodes in Blender

There are 3 file output nodes. One for the ambient occlusion, one for the indirect light (glowy lights), and one for the final composite.
They all save to a sub folder of /output relative to where this blend file is.

File output node in Blender

It's important that the number of "wildcard" digits ("####") is equal to, or more than, the number of frames you're rendering. For instance if your render is 1200 frames long you need to make sure the file output has "####" in it. If your render is 10250 frames long, the file output must have "#####" in it.

A trick that Dolf points out is that after you've done a render you can select the viewer node and then (in Windows) ctrl+shift click on any node and it will connect to that node so you can see the state of the image. If you click again on the same node you will go to the next output.

What the compositing nodes do

The layers are divided between the Prometheus and the Venom.

Blender layers


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