Pandora Machine
Pandora Machine was founded in 2001 in order to produce genre and art-house features. Working out of Manhattan Theatre Source in New York City, we have production facilities and a post-production suite for audio (surround mixing, design, and editing), CGI (3dsMax, Blender, AfterEffects, Maya, and Combustion), and picture editing (Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas).

Andrew Bellware directing Millennium CrisisAndrew Bellware
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Andrew Bellware is the principal of Pandora Machine LLC. He began as a composer and then a sound engineer. He has been a theatrical sound designer for 20 years, and is a screenwriter, producer, and cinematographer.


Andrew Bellware directing Millennium CrisisLaura Schlachtmeyer

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Laura, Queen of Mars  

Laura Schlachtmeyer -- Financial planner. Stage manager. Singer. She has extensive theatrical experience, has written several short plays, and has translated Woyzeck from the original German. Now she writes and edits scripts, paints naked people blue, and builds evil props and devices.

Andrew Bellware directing Millennium CrisisHenry Steady

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Henry Steady

Actor. Writer. CG artist. Editor Man - About - Town.

After crash-landing his spaceship in the woods of Wisconsin twenty years ago, he was taken in and raised by an immigrant family of Sierra Leoneans, who taught him traditional African customs, like speed-skating, frozen pizza, ice fishing, video games, tornado drills, and, of course, cow-tipping.

Although he mixes well with Earthlings, he longs to get his spaceship fixed, so he can finally return to his home planet of Duka-Duka Nine, where he will retire to his beach house, set up his big-screen TV with quadrophonic sound, and watch the "Twilight Zone" on DVD in everlasting peace.