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0802 The Uprising
0704 The Shriven
0701 Solar Vengeance
image 1 Millennium Crisis was originally named "Bloodmask". Starring Clare Stevenson and Ted Raimi, this is a sci-fi thriller which first sold to Japan. This was the last of the pictures under the "Braidwood Films" aegis.  


image 2 Released by The Asylum, this picture sold a little more than 10,000 units in the US. It stars Daryl Boling. The original name had been "Command and Control" but while in the shower on the morning before the first day of shooting I came up with the name "Pandora Machine". Nobody. I mean nobody liked the name but me. Click on the DVD box art to go to the official site.


Here's a little rule of thumb. Don't ever make a movie with a title no one can pronounce. Also, to make matters worse we went from Shakespeare to Milton. (It wasn't from a lack of classical allusion that these pictures didn't get distribution.) The Apostasy trailer: The entire feature:  


Our first feature was a Pixelvision Shakespeare. You'll notice some of the people we're still working with e'en now. Here is the trailer: And the entire feature: